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Find the best places to see kangaroos Kangaroo trail icon

View an interactive map of the best place to see each of the 50 species and selected subspecies of macropods. Zoom in on the place marker, click and find a fact sheet on the species.

Fact sheets on kangaroo species
Kangaroo head

See the list of the 50 species and selected subspecies of kangaroos in Australia and the states and territories where they may be found. Click on their image and view and download a fact sheet about potoroos, bettongs, rat-kangaroos, kangaroos, tree-kangaroos, hare-wallabies, wallabies, nailtail wallabies, rock-wallabies, pademelons, and the quokka (check for regular updates).

Kangaroo species of the month Red kangaroos boxing 

Each month we feature a kangaroo species and highlight interesting aspects of its behaviour that you are likely to see under the environmental conditions prevailing for that month.

Current news about kangaroos Red kangaroo lying 

Read news relevant to enhancing your wildlife experience with kangaroos like places with big mobs, lots of young newly emerged from the pouch, novel events, activities of filmmakers and release of interpretative material like guides and documentaries. The currency of news is about receiving feedback from travelers on the kangaroo trail so share your experiences (see below).

Research on wildlife tourism with kangaroos Western grey kangaroos
The Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism facilitated a research program on kangaroos in wildlife tourism. The research is ongoing so review the bibliography of published research and read fact sheets on current projects. Learn about organisations, meetings and conferences where this research is discussed and promoted.
Share your experiences with kangaroos Tourists and eastern grey kangaroos
Send us a description of your interesting wildlife experiences with kangaroos in the wild, your personal photographs, your recommendations for great places to see any species, news about 'deviations' in the Kangaroo Trail, exciting events. Your feedback will be moderated and posted as relevant.
Meet Jack Jack - a western grey kangaroo 

*Macropods is a generic term to encompass kangaroos, wallabies, potoroos and all of their kind. It refers to a distinctive morphological feature they share - 'a big foot'.

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