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This page provides feedback from travellers hopping along The Kangaroo Trail. If they have identified a good place to see kangaroos and their kind then we have added a Google map. If the feedback identifies services that can be provided to other travellers then please contact the provider directly.

Lincoln writes:

Do you have any comments on using roos as a tourist attraction rather than for meat & leather. What about the re-employment of the commercial roo shooters?   

Our reply:

We aim to change ‘hearts and minds’ towards our iconic kangaroo fauna through education, wonderment and subtle advocacy revealed through the economic activity of appropriate and responsible wildlife tourism.


Hunters may have a good understanding of the ecology and behaviour of their prey. For example, the stories of Aboriginal peoples in central Australia reveal an understanding of red kangaroo ecology commensurate with recent scientific studies. Furthermore, in Africa poachers often gain more secure and well-paid employment by swapping a gun for a camera in wildlife tourism developments. Kangaroo trappers, as shooters are called in the commercial industry plans, may be adept at taking clients into the nocturnal realm without getting lost in the bush. Thus if non-consumptive use through tourism becomes a landholder's choice then re-employment for trappers is available as guides or operators. We wish to stimulate those landholders fortunate to have abundant species of kangaroos and their kind or rare species to share their lifestyle with clients and thereby diversify income. Tourism and farmstays are more readily integrated into the workplace than managing livestock in the day and shooting kangaroos in the night. Landholders near national parks and popular tourism destinations may offer unique quality accommodation operated by themselves or in agreements with tourism operators and gain economic benefit from their location where some now see misfortune.


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