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This page provides feedback from travellers hopping along The Kangaroo Trail. If they have identified a good place to see kangaroos and their kind then we have added a Google map. If the feedback identifies services that can be provided to other travellers then please contact the provider directly.

Vicky writes:

The Stirling Range Retreat is a private eco-tourism caravan and chalet park just north of Stirling Range National Park. We're all dedicated to the local flora and fauna (being a biologist comes very handy with the profusion of bird- and plant-life in the Stirlings). I think your kangaroo-trail idea is just brilliant. I read about it in the Wildlife Tourism newsletter and  tried to access the website, but unfortunately my server wouldn't let me. So I thought I might as well get in touch with you. It would be great if you could send us some more information about the macropod trail. After all the Stirlings are one of the few places where you can see quokkas and black-gloved wallabies.


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